WMAPlus! 1.20

Audio player compatible with Windows Media audio files

WMAPlus! is an advanced music player for Symbian 7.0 (or higher) cell phones. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first Symbian music player that can support Microsoft's Window Media Audio (WMA) format. Besides wma, WMAPlus! can also play most popular music files, such as mp3, ogg, aac, mp4, m4a, amr and mid. This is why we call this product WMAPlus!, because it can play wma plus others.

WMA is now becoming more and more popular. You can download musics in wma format from many websites. With Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 or 10, you can easily rip your favorite CDs to wma files. WMA files usually have better sound quality than mp3 files under low bit rates, such as 64 kbit/s. Generally, a 64 kbit/s 5-min wma file is only 1-2 MB long. This means you can carry more songs with your 64 MB MMC card! And the sound quality of 64 kbit/s wma files is pretty good. For higher bit rates, there is merely no difference in sound quality between wma and mp3.

Besides the low level wma support, WMAPlus! is an advanced player which has a very cool graphical interface and skinning support. It also has powerful playlist support, which can group songs with regard to artists, albums, subfolders, and pre-defined WINAMP .m3u playlist files. You can also remove songs from the playlist. WMAPlus! is very easy to use, most operations can be done through hotkeys or menus. You can put songs everywhere you like, including the inbox. It automatically searches all supported music files on all drives.

The trial version plays the first 30 seconds of each song and stops. All other features are the same as in the full version.


  • Support for most popular music formats - wma, mp3, ogg, aac, mp4, m4a, amr and mid
  • User-friendly interface, powerful playlist support, and skinning support
  • Support random play and repeated play
  • Set WMA files as ring tone
  • Streaming over bluetooth headsets
  • Background playback

Play a variety of audio files (including Windows Media Audio) on your cellphone.

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WMAPlus! 1.20

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